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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gamer's Grimoire: Making Scars

Creating visual effects with make-up is always a great way to enhance your LARP experience. For this tutorial, we've decided to show you how to add scars. If you want to play a character with any prominent scars, we have a very simple and easy technique to share.

All you will need is a bottle of liquid latex, which you can find online and in Halloween speciality shops. Our pick is Ben Nye Liquid Latex.We grabbed a small bottle for $6 at our local Halloween shop. Unless you plan on doing alot of special effects work, a small bottle should be all you need for small scars. This stuff goes a long way.

Ben Nye Liquid Latex for all your emo gill needs

For this example, we will be making a simple, clean cut arm scar.

Place down a paper towel in case of drips. Then get a sturdy piece of paper with a thin edge. Something like an index card, a business card, or an envelope. In this case, we chose to use a playing card. Using the liquid latex cap's brush and paint a coating along the edge of the card:

Apply a thin, even coating

When you have a good coating, press the card aganist the area of the skin that you want the scar to appear. You will only need to hold it there about three to five seconds.While we are showing an arm scar, this can work equally well for facial scarring, though be careful to keep the substance out of your eyes and mouth (obviously).

Press firmly against skin

Gently pull the card away and let the latex dry. If the latex is a bit too wide, you can just wipe the edges to create a thinner line. And if it's not to your liking, you can just wash it off and start over, as liquid latex comes off very easily. After drying, you should have a nice little fake scar:

Show the other players that your character's daddy doesn't love them enough

The bottle does come with a brush cap, however, we find using the brush creates too wide of an area and too thin of a coating. This technique creates thinner and cleaner cuts that are great for displaying knife and blade related scarring.

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