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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gamescience Dice

Yeah, this may be old, but it's very interesting and we thought it would be appropriate to share with our readers in case they've never heard of these.

Well that convinces us enough. Maybe we will pick up a set of the mint gem dice he has on his site.


  1. I have a set. I really like the D5 that came with it, so very useful. Somewhat disappointed with the D10s. While I haven't done enough rolls with them to be sure, they tend to roll high (in the 7-9) range a whole lot. As in, when running combat in a Deathwatch game, where I'll be doing 100 rolls or so a session, a whole lot of 70-90s come out of the bad guy attack rolls.

    There is also a little nub on all the dice from where they were attached to something that I'm not sure of.

    Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful dice. They feel nice too. For the price though? not sure they're worth it. If I want to drop $20 on a dice set, I may as well just grab more packs of the kanji D10s I have. Great feel, great variance, and people go "ooh, spiffy. now we don't know what you rolled" (great for GMing :D )

  2. Ooooh, thanks for the info!
    Where did you get the kanji dice?

    ~ The Princess

  3. From my FLGS. I'll find the name of them when I'm there next, and let you know.


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