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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Princess's Garden:My Little Pony Project 2012

A collage of just a few of the featured ponies on display in the gallery

Having grown up in the 80's, My Little Pony was an obsession for me. I remember clipping my Pony Points from the cardboard toy cartons to scrounge and save up for the exclusive Ember. Every year for Christmas, my Wish List was filled with different ponies and their homes. You couldn't get across my room with getting a unicorn or pegasi underfoot. Though to be honest, not much has changed (you can ask the warlock) and while I am still a fan of the original series I grew up with, I am also a big fan of the new series as well.

So as you can imagine, when my dear friends Victoria and Dalin told me about the the My Little Pony Project, I jumped at the chance to join them.

The project is an art gallery featuring large pony sculptures which have been decorated by various artists. In addition to the gallery, there was an adorable salon where you could get your hair braided and decorated with sparkly clips and colorful extensions, as well as a pop-up shop where you could buy merchandise such as trading cards, posters and t-shirts. I ended up walking away with a Fluttershy hoodie since she's my favorite pony.

Me with my personal favorite, the Hime+You Pony

For the big day, my friends and I decided to go all out in fabulous fairy kei-lolita style. We went over the top with glitter, ribbons and frills. I even got to don my new unicorn horn which I recently purchased at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.It was a fun ride on the subway and I ended up with a fan section of a bunch of fellow Capricorns who I took pictures with. Hey, it's not every day a pink-haired unicorn girl rides the train with you, right? It was one of those memorable New York City moments, for sure.

Victoria, Dalin and I with the 6%DokiDoki Pony

When we finally arrived, I was blown away by how unique each artist had made their pony. There was so much color and imagination in each and every one. We were welcomed with open arms by the staff who all enjoyed our equally vibrant attire.A bunch of the kids and staff came over and got pictures with us and we even got to talk to a representative from Hasbro named Elizabeth who we chatted with about our love for the series and our desire to have it released on DVD (please, please, please!).

But the best part of the day for me was just being able to hang out with my friends and indulge in a sparkly day full of pure joy. Because after all, friendship is magic.

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